Basic information about a medical organization

Regional budgetary health institution "Ivanovo Regional Oncology Center" is medical organization that provides health care service, in the following areas of expertise:... . Medical care is provided in accordance with the medical practice license no. LО-37-01-001015 issued on of 22 September, 2015. The hospital was founded in … . The hospital includes a … .

List of medical services

According to license No. LO-37-01-001015 issued on of September 22, 2015 by the Department of Health of the Ivanov Region the Regional Budget Health Institution "Ivanovo Regional Oncology Center" provides primary health care in ambulatory conditions; primary specialized medical care in ambulatory conditions; and specialized medical care in stationary conditions and day stationar conditions.

Algorithm of applying to a medical organization for a foreign citizens

Free visit, hospitalization of foreign citizens is carried out in emergency cases, as well as in the presence of a medical insurance policy of voluntary or compulsory insurance.
In case of emergency, you can contact a medical organization by calling 8 (4932) 56-23-12, address 5, st. Lyubimova, Ivanovo, Ivanovo region, 153040.
If you have a medical policy … .

Contact Information

  • Legal address:

5, st. Lyubimova, Ivanovo, Ivanovo region, 153040

  • Mailing address:

5, st. Lyubimova, Ivanovo, Ivanovo region, 153040

  • Phone/fax:

8 (4932) 56-23-12

  • E-mail: